Reach your target market with confidence.

Advertise in specific communities that contain your potential customers and apply your valuable advertising dollars to only select areas that will produce a return on your investment. Most residents of a specific community have similar needs, so why waste your hard earned dollars with blanket city wide advertising?

Our Format

What makes community newsletters the ideal vehicle for you to get your message out? Community newsletters are the best source of getting your message to your customers.

Advertising is limited to about 50% of the available area. The presentation is uncluttered and makes for an easy read. Our page size is letter-size, and the font is designed for easy reading.

Our readers are readily receptive and eagerly read the articles on matters that directly affect them; from youth to seniors, they want to know what is going on in their community — council, local, and provincial government programs and initiatives, local sports clubs, traffic, school, rumblings, local businesses, what’s on at the community centre and local library, and much more.

No-charge ad design or revisions to your pre-made ad, by professional graphic designers. We only utilize graphic designers that have years of experience.

Community newsletters get past the front door and into the home, while our format, layout, and graphics generate reader interest to open up and read. We set the table — you get to sit down and eat!

Readership and Retention

When asked why they advertise in community newsletters, a top realtor replied “Whenever I go into a home, I always see the community newsletter on the kitchen counter, throughout the month”. With an extended shelf life, especially compared to other print media; and an uncluttered format, community newsletters have excellent retention.

Based on a recent survey, 96% of recipients read their community newsletter and almost half read it cover to cover.

So you think that the readership that the city newspaper reports is true… who has time to read a daily newspaper from cover to cover before the next one arrives? That being said, in which day’s issue was your ad present — the one that was read or the one that wasn’t? We get phone calls asking when our next issue is being delivered!

Our advertising content is limited to approx 50% of the publication. It’s not a flier bundle. Because space is limited, you’ll need to call early to book your space. Our booking deadline is the 14th of every month prior to delivery (though we have been known to make exceptions… so call anyway, even if you’re a little late!).

Our layout and design gets our readers to travel through the whole book — there’s no index page.

We enjoy the attention of a high quality readership. The demographic of our publications is primarily young families with high disposable income; the communities we serve are all in the top 2% of income communities in Calgary.

Remember, it’s not about how many copies are printed for $x — it’s about how many qualified contacts are made, follow-ups received, and sales made.

Delivery and Communities Served

Delivered by Canada Post, our delivery quantities are up to 25% better than the competition. Why?

Our competition can only deliver to households wishing to receive unaddressed ad mail. Our community newsletters are Canada Post approved, meaning our community newsletters are delivered to all households where Canada Post delivers mail, with no exceptions — this approval puts us in the same class as Government mail; even people who do not wish to receive them have them delivered — it’s the law! Flyers, circulars, and free newspapers do NOT have this opportunity.

As single piece delivery, our newsletters are not hidden in a flyer bundle — those bundles that very often get dropped in the trash without even being unfurled!

Our delivery is auditable (can you say this about private delivery?) and have an exceptionally low delivered cost — less than 3 cents a home. We also guarantee delivery by the fifth of each month.

Our Guarantee to You

We will not be undersold. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction with our product. Service is our goal. On-time delivery or your money back (credit only).

Our service guarantee: Ease of Service and a fast response — on the phone, to your home; we are here to provide fast, efficient, and accurate service. Simply put, we take care of your needs. In today’s hectic world you don’t have time to come up with “the perfect ad” — that’s what we are here for. You won’t find consistently faster service anywhere else. Guaranteed.

Late changes to your ad — we’ll do our best to get them made so long as we adhere to our print deadlines.

Value and Rates

We offer the widest range of ad sizes available, providing the best value options for your advertising needs.

No-charge ad design is included in the price. You can also revise your ad and community placement(s) at no charge.

Discounts are offered for 6 or more insertions — less 5% for 6 — 11 insertions; less 10% for 12 or more.

Once you have booked your advertising plan with us, you have maximum flexibility to allow your focus to lie upon your business’ monthly or seasonal specials, at no extra cost to you.

As part of our commitment to the community-at-large we offer not-for-profit agencies a standard 10% discount and help promote their programs with no charge placement of public service announcements.

Your Decision

Shop and compare — you won’t be disappointed. But do call us early, as ad space is limited.

More and more businesses are reaping the benefits of advertising in community newsletters.

Be on a winning team — advertise with Suburban Journals.