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Community newsletters are the best way for Community and Resident Associations to let the community know what is happening in their neighborhood.

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Article Content Guidelines

Articles should be:

  • Copyright-free and in accordance with the laws of Alberta and Canada.
  • Upbeat, informative and relevant to the local community and readership
  • Written in the 3rd person and in an active (not passive) voice. First-person writing is not to be included.
  • Clear and concise, and stay on point. Minimize adverbs.
  • In MS Word format, a maximum of 275 words and formatted into paragraphs only.

Articles shall NOT contain ANY:

  • Advertising, promotion, inducement or reference to any person(s), organisation(s), or company(s), their product/service, or fee-based activity or event.
  • Reference to not-for-profit or charitable organizations, contact information, telephone number(s), company logo, e-mail, or web link(s).
  • Promotion of a cause, or a viewpoint or expectation.
  • Medical advice or similar from unaccredited persons.

Article credit may only include the contributor’s name, general description of expertise, and area of residence (e.g. Bob Smith is a real estate agent in North West Calgary.).

Suburban Journals reserves the right to edit articles before publication without consultation with or approval from the author.

Inclusion in a newsletter is subject to: space availability, adherence to the content guidelines and terms, and the decision of the editor. No guarantee of inclusion is made or implied by acceptance by Suburban Journals of the article submission. Persons submitting articles will not be notified of acceptance or rejection, modification, or the edition of publication.

Any image(s) accompanying the article are to be submitted:

  • In JPG format.
  • In high resolution (300 dpi at full print size).
  • Free of any copyright.

Any image(s) deemed unacceptable for any reason will not be published. No guarantee of inclusion is made or implied by acceptance of accompanying image(s). Those submitting articles will not be notified if the accompanying image(s) is not to be included in publication.

Submission Details

  • Submission deadline: 4:00pm on the 5th day of the month prior to the month of publication.
  • Submit to:

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