Ad Submission Guidelines

Graphics and Text for Ads

  • Please submit all text needed for the ad and check that it is accurate.
  • Include high resolution graphics and/or logos for your ad (see acceptable formats list) link.
  • Provide clear direction of special instructions or layout requirements, if applicable.
  • Scans must be submitted as high resolution, 300 dpi or greater.
  • Make any hand-written revisions to your proof in black ink.

Pre-built Ads

  • Please submit a high resolution file, 300 dpi or greater.
  • Ensure you send your ad in an acceptable format (see acceptable formats list).
  • Convert all text to curves / outlines.
  • Convert all spot colors to CMYK.
  • Ads are to be non-bleed.
  • For black text & objects, use either 100% black (C0 M0 Y0 K100 – preferred), or rich black (C30 M30 Y0 K100) at maximum. The default black in Photoshop (C75 M68 Y67 K90) or any rich black with more ink density than the rich black listed above is not acceptable.
  • We can modify your pre built ads for you at no charge.

Acceptable Formats


All images must be copyright / royalty-free and high resolution, 300 dpi or greater.

  • JPG
  • EPS
  • TIF


  • MS Word (version 2007 or earlier)
  • Plain text
  • Rich text

Pre-built Ads

All formats must be high resolution, 300 dpi or greater.

  • PDF
  • CDR (version 2018 or earlier)
  • PSD (version CS3 or earlier)
  • EPS (version CS3 or earlier)
  • TIF
  • JPG
  • PUB (version 2007 or earlier)