Advertising is often referred to as a ‘Black Art’ because it is mysterious, and is rarely a precise science. Things sometimes work which you imagine wouldn’t, and plenty of things you think should work, don’t.

Our most successful business clients have a permanent presence. Readers use the newsletter as a reference — they also look out for local businesses who are consistently visible in the community; businesses which they know are reputable and have a name they can trust.


Plan and budget

You are encouraged to develop a plan and stay within your budget. Advertising presents the best results with a sustained presence over a period of time. This, together with customer recognition of your brand and business name, will achieve the desired outcome.


Suggested Ad Content Guidelines

  • Attract Attention; Develop interest; Describe the product; Convince the reader; and get Action.
  • Your main message must be the most prominent.
  • Offer a single impressive benefit, quickly and simply — translate your product/service offer into terms that are meaningful to the customer and offer clear benefits. This ‘promise’ should ideally contain the business brand name, take no longer to read than about 1 second, (no more than fifteen words) and be clearly the most striking part of the advert.
  • Great copywriting is about knowing who the prospect is, what they need, what they really want, and how the product will give it to them. For effective copywriting, make each word count. Avoid unnecessary words. Keep sentences short. Put action in your words. Use terms your readers will understand. Don’t use introductions; get right to the point of your message. Make use of imaginative ideas, variety, or colorful references only when they do not interfere with or slow your sales message.
  • Your message must be quick and easy to absorb.
  • Describe the product or service as it affects the customer in a way that they will easily relate and see benefit to it. The message should not be false or misleading, which is illegal.
  • Incorporate something new.
  • Develop a proposition that is special or unique and emphasize this. Your proposition or offer must be credible and believable.
  • You must try to emphasize what makes your service special.
  • Involve the reader in your writing style — use the 2nd person: you, your, and yours.
  • Use a clear layout, clear fonts and clear language. Avoid cluttering the advert with fancy images, colors and backgrounds. Make it easy to read. Use language that your customers understand.
  • Use a simple graphic that is related to or defines your product/service or one that will create a strong visual impact and attract the readers attention.
  • Use simple black (or dark colored) text on a white (or light colored) background for maximum readability.
  • Use lower case type — word-shapes are lost when capitals are used.
  • Headline should be three-quarters up the page or advertisement space, where it can be seen quickest.

If you have any questions, please contact us.